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Mastermind Problem

The Problem

The logistics of running a mastermind group takes away from a facilitator's ability to focus on results.

1Groups require too many disparate technologies to manage. Tending to the logistics of running a group can inhibit the overall benefits.

2Keeping the meetings on track is difficult. Without structure, meetings can quickly devolve into small talk.

3Accountability within a group is dependent on a member willing to call out others.

4Without any system of record great ideas and feedback can get lost.

Mastermind Solution

The Solution

An app that can manage everything in one place while improving results for members.

Mastermind Solution Mastermind_CheckmarkAn app that combines everything in one place: group management, scheduling, video conferencing, agendas with timers, goals, and chat.

Mastermind Solution Mastermind_CheckmarkTimers that help manage the meeting, keeping members on track so everyone gets equal time and benefit.

Mastermind Solution Mastermind_CheckmarkGoal tracking and completion rates enhance accountability improving outcomes.

Mastermind Solution Mastermind_CheckmarkEverything in one place creates an invaluable system of record that is always there.

How It Started

In 2016 Sebastian Broways and Jeff Hopp found themselves in a Mastermind Group together. After adding yet another row in their goal tracking spreadsheet, they thought, "There has to be a better solution. If there isn't one, we should build it."

Thus began the pursuit of building a platform for managing better masterminds.

After conducting 100s of user interviews, they began to realize a few key metrics that influenced the direction of the product. Primarily, that paid groups with a format and strong meeting structure are the stickiest and drive the greatest results. So the roadmap was adjusted to accommodate professional facilitators and address their key pain points.

Meet the Founders

Sebastia Broways

Sebastian Broways

Head of Product

Sebastian is a proven leader experienced in harnessing big ideas while developing and guiding the processes required to deliver innovative, impeccably-executed digital products. He's worked on several SaaS properties in the B2B space and has a passion for all aspects of product creation, including design, product management, and development. Mastermind Manager enables him to combine his love for digital with the power of masterminds and human connection. Creating an experience that empowers facilitators to run life-changing groups is the ultimate goal.

Outside of work, Sebastian enjoys traveling the world with his wife, son, and dog. He hails from Utah and has spent much of his life backpacking and enjoying the outdoors. For the time being, he's settled in Austin where he's hoping to stay weird.

Jeff Hopp

Jeff Hopp

Head of Business Development

Jeff Hopp is an experienced marketer and sales person who spent 15 years working for global Fortune 500 brands selling mortgages and financial services. He has been involved in digital marketing since 2009. After harnessing the power of mastermind groups in 2012, he left the corporate world to start his own marketing agency to create and sell digital products and help businesses generate leads. His focus is on the intersection of relationships and technology. Mastermind Manager was born from his vision of creating a tool to help make the best mastermind groups in the world better.

Originally from Colorado, Jeff enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, snowboarding and climbing 14'ers. He is passoniate about fitness, basketball, golf and exploring the world with his 3 kids.

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