We Stand For Racial Equality

We believe Black lives matter. The systemic racism and violence suffered by the Black community must end.

Mastermind Manager was built based on a core belief that we can do more together than we can alone.

We are committed to helping people organize and collaborate for change.

Our platform is available at a reduced cost to anyone involved in the fight for racial equality. If you are involved or want to connect us with someone who is, email support@mastermindmarshal.com.

We recognize that there is so much more to be done. We’re actively working to ensure that we both practice and promote inclusivity and diversity.

Do you want better results from your Mastermind?

Mastermind Manager combines video conferencing and goal tracking for your mastermind group.

We're currently in beta.

Currently participate in a mastermind, peer-to-peer group or similar?

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