Strengthen Relationships During Social Distancing With Mastermind Groups

All around the world people are discovering the power of virtual mastermind groups. As people deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and “The Great Pause” and “The Great Restart”, virtual meetings have become increasingly popular.

Social distancing has reminded us how much we need each other and just how social we really are. Our virtual interactions help. They may never fully replace the in-person experience, but they do have some advantages.

From the business meeting to the virtual happy hour, everyone is on Zoom, Hangouts, FaceTime, or some other virtual meeting or live streaming tool.

Mastermind groups are unique and they help build strong relationships because they provide the connection, perspective, predictability, and accountability that people need to thrive.


Humans are social animals and it’s vital that we are able to connect with others. Seeing and talking with other people is a form of energy exchange. 2020 has included a lot of social distancing and has left many people feeling lonely. Being lonely can have serious negative effects on both mental and physical health. The human connection and relationships you get from your mastermind group can help reduce or eliminate loneliness.


It can be tough to see the picture when you’re in the frame. We often get caught up in our own thoughts and beliefs and we’re influenced by the people around us and the media we consume. A mastermind group is a way of deliberately choosing to spend time around people who have a different perspective that we are willing to consider. That’s why it’s important to have the right people in your group. Choose people who see challenges as opportunities.


Recent events have left a lot of people feeling uncertain. While the future is, of course, unknown, simply having routines can help us feel less uneasy. Many of our old routines have been put on hold and some may never be the same. Having a regularly scheduled meeting with your mastermind group can add a degree of predictability to your schedule and give you something to look forward to on a regular basis.


Adjusting to the “New Normal” has caused some people to shift into neutral. Their goals have been put on hold and not much is getting accomplished. Accountability from a mastermind group could be the solution. Studies have proven that having a goal along with a plan, a deadline, and a specific accountability appointment with someone helps people complete their goals more often. When we make a commitment to people that we respect and whom we want to respect us we have added motivation to get things done. Good mastermind groups set goals during their meetings and keep track of them so they can help each other and hold each other accountable for following through.

Who Are Mastermind Groups For?

Anyone can start and run a group. Search for others who are committed to the process. Quality beats quantity in this case, so it’s ok to start with just one other person. The key is the commitment to holding each other accountable.

If you want to increase your results, consider joining a paid and facilitated mastermind group. A paid group can often connect you with people who are more committed and successful because they have the resources to afford the group and they’ve shown commitment by paying to join. Becoming a paying member amplifies your commitment to the group and you’ll be motivated to take action to get a return on your investment.

If you’re a coach, mastermind groups are a powerful way to scale your impact so you can help more people.

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