Mastermind Manager is now nucleus!

We are thrilled to announce that as of September 2020, we are rebranding. As part of our rebranding strategy, we are changing our name from Mastermind Manager to nucleus. This name change is part of our strategy targeted to emphasize the scope of our capabilities, our growth, and our commitment to improving fragmented digital communication.

After 4 years of working on our app for running better masterminds, we’re expanding our features and focus to cover more use cases. We’ve come to realize that most organizations need a centralized way to manage their communication. Our mission is to connect all your communication: messages, meetings, notes, and tasks, together on one platform. Rebranding ourselves to nucleus better encompasses our refocused direction.

We discovered that when many people think of a mastermind, they think of a genius “mastermind” which sometimes has an “evil” or negative connotation. This led some people to believe that Mastermind Manager was only for a group of masterminds. When we refer to a mastermind group, we are talking about collaboration, brainstorming, and accountability. Our rebrand to nucleus will better enable us to enhance these features for anyone who runs or participates in virtual meetings.

How can we make virtual collaboration better? How do we make meetings more efficient? How do we make sure you don’t lose information during a brainstorming session? These questions apply to far more than just traditional mastermind groups. nucleus will provide the opportunity to have a larger impact on improving digital communication.

Virtual meetings have become a vital part of business and workplace communication and we realized how many more people our tool could help. nucleus will allow a wide variety of clients to use their own approach while producing more productive, efficient meetings where it is easier to capture all of the important information.

Have you ever been in a meeting and having a great flow of energy and information bouncing off of each other? But after the meeting, you find that much of that information is lost. nucleus will make it easier for you to document and share the information shared in a meeting without having to pause that flow of energy.

Are you overwhelmed by having to use so many different communication channels for one project? nucleus provides one easy to navigate central hub for all aspects of your project. 

Click here to check out nucleus and bring your meetings, discussions, action items, and notes into one place to increase productivity and focus.

Do you want better results from your Mastermind?

Mastermind Manager combines video conferencing and goal tracking for your mastermind group.

We're currently in beta.

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