How It Works

Are you a mastermind facilitator?

Then you know managing groups requires the use of too many applications. It’s time-consuming and it’s confusing for your members. We’ve built an all in one solution. Everything from group management and goal tracking to video conferencing all in one place. Because we believe that if mastermind better you will succeed together.

So how does it work?

When you set up your account on Mastermind Manager you can select your own custom subdomain that represents your mastermind organization. Then you’ll customize your group. Add a name and a description.

You can also add detailed guidelines to outline group rules and etiquette for members.

Next, you’ll start inviting your members.

To add members on mastermind manager go to the invite new member form. You can customize the message and send an email straight to your participants. They’ll need to confirm their email and set their password to log in.

Help people accomplish their goals by leveraging the power of deadlines and group accountability. Each goal has a due date, a description, and milestones. Reminders will automatically go out the day before they’re due.

One goal should be set as the priority and will be shown during the meeting spotlight segment for that member.

When goals are completed, they’ll move to the past goals tab.

Members can create their own goals or facilitators can do it for them. Goals can be seen by the entire group so everyone can help each other and see progress.

The meeting experience is the heart of the application. Facilitators start each meeting by configuring the agenda to represent who will be in the hot seat and for how long.

Once the meeting is started the agenda is visible to all attendees. The facilitator can add minutes or skip to the next segment as needed.

Everyone can see the priority goal for the member in the spotlight, and view their own priority while in the conference.

Chats are included in the global thread so the conversation can continue between meetings.

Once the facilitator has ended the meeting it’s saved to the past meetings tab. Everyone can see the final agenda and easily find the ideas and resources shared in the chat during the meeting.

Access detailed support and help docs at Our mission is to help you grow your mastermind business.

Join us and mastermind better.

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